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Open the app & start driving at anytime

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Finish your trip, review your safety score & collect your points

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Spend your points in the MyDriveHero marketplace on discounts & giveaways

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Repeat on your everyday drive & save lives on Australian roads.

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Michaela Adrian

"Saving Your Licence"

"These guys saved me 4 demerit points while driving in country NSW! I was driving 100km/h, looking closely on the app to make sure I did not exceed my speed limit. This was during the long weekend. Suddenly, a car overtook me doing 110km/h. Next thing I know, a police car hiding in the overpass behind some shrubs whizzed down and chased after the car that overtook me. If it weren’t for the app, I would have been tempted to speed a bit on a picturesque country road. Thanks MyDriveHero!"

Eddy 365

"What a great concept"

"I really like this app. It’s a way to change behaviour without fining everyone like the government does. If you use the carrot vs stick analogy then this is the carrot. Rewarding you for safe driving. I really hope this app become a standard on everyone’s phone. Governments should invest and companies should sponsor. Reward us. Don’t fine us !!"


"Why not??"

"Good app to use when driving to get some rewards for doing what I’d be doing anyway. A couple of giveaway wins makes it worth it for sure. Devs seem like they care about the app as well and are always trying to make it better."


"Nice app!"

"Rewards you with points for good driving and plenty of giveaway options and shopping deals!"

Jayden E

"I won free fuel for a year!"

"I won free fuel for a year with MyDriveHero! Thanks to MyDriveHero I was able to drive from Melbourne to Penrith to pick up our new furry family member while driving safely, saving lives and winning big with their amazing app while also helping lighten the load while I have been out of work and attending job interviews the last 4 months"

Jason Liew

"Easy and fun!"

"Literally no downside to using the app. Keeps me driving safe by rewarding me with points that can be used for discounts and lottery-style draws for $25-$200 gift cards each week. Only issue is it gives me more reason to heckle bad drivers on and off the road!"


"Excellent App"

"I have been using MyDriveHero (KSafe) since its early days and have enjoyed its development every bit of the way. Not only has it helps me become a safer driver but also has rewarded me generously for it!"


"Love this app"

"This app has changed my driving habits. I’m much more conscious of not speeding and not touching my phone and therefore a much safer driver. I also won $50 by exchanging my points for a competition entry. How good!"


"Awesome App"

"My friend told me to use the app as I drove a lot. Awesome app and plenty of reason to love about it. You can win prizes while you drive. Have a safe drive on the road people."


"Love this app"

"Love this app, I’ve won so many vouchers, worth the premium subscription"


"Great app"

"Great app! I use it every drive. Easy to earn points by just driving normally."


"Great Incentive"

"I am using this app for 6 months now and i love the incentive they are offering. It also helps me to make sure that i drive safely so i can collect more points and redeem them."



"This is a really good app. The new update is incredible, Good functionality, Good usability and the new interface also looks good. Good rewards provided for simply being a good, cautious, honest driver! It’s a great idea and hopefully a good incentive for erratic and irresponsible drivers to change their ways."


"Fun, gamified way to drive safe"

"Seeing the journey from Ksafe to MyDrive Hero this app has been fantastic to use since day one. An easy user experience that encourages good driving habit, plus the points are fun to accumulate! Can’t wait to see where it goes!"


"The hero"

"Great app. Lots of points and competitions. They look after you. Love these guys."


"Driving! Meh… but this app softens the blow"

"I've never really enjoyed driving, but MyDriveHero offers a nice incentive. Earning points that I can redeem in my fav stores, just for driving safely is a cool bonus. While it doesn't transform my feelings about driving, it does make the trip a bit more rewarding and reminds me that I'm contributing to safer roads in Australia."

Fun Chalky

"Safe driving"

"Great app that has become an automatic reminder of not touching your mobile phone whilst driving- I use it for every trip!"

Saru chan

"Great App for drivers"

"The primary value of the MyDriveHero app is that it helps promote safer driving. AND it rewards you more for the safer you drive. It experiences a few firmware hiccups from time to time but they jump on reported issues at once. Great app!"


"Love the Drive Safe app!"

"This app makes my driving more conscious and purposeful. I strive with each drive to keep safe, even more than before! I’ve already won a gift card and that was a bonus!"



"Quick to reply if you have any issues, help you to resolve your issue step by step. They are willing to hear any feedback to make any adjustments in the app to better help the users."


"Little effort, great reward and safer driving"

"I was skeptical that the rewards were legit, but I thought I had nothing to lose and if it encouraged me to not have such a heavy foot, then it would save me fines and save me that way. Well, now I’m the winner of a $150 shopping voucher, my driving is safer and it’s cost me a whole lot of nothing, can’t complain!"


"Free stuff for driving safe"

"I keep to the speed limit anyway, and now I get the opportunity to convert my safe driving into points to exchange for many different items. So I get rewarded for being a good lad. And today I won the draw for this week’s groceries paid for. Love it."



"Love this app! I’ve only used it for a couple of day and already won a $50 voucher! Such a great concept!"


"Great app!"

"I’ve not long ago stated using this app after being told about it by my teenage daughters. Was very surprised to receive a call today to inform me that I’d actually won one of the weekly gift cards! Will be going straight to the fuel tank..a lot of driving with four teenagers whom work and do school! Thanks MyDriveHero (KSafe)"

pleased women

"Great app"

"Fantastic rewards for just everyday driving highly recommend"

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! MyDriveHero lets you earn points while you drive. These points can be exchanged for incredible rewards and giveaways available within the app. Plus, for our devoted users looking to supercharge their rewards, we offer a premium subscription option, tripling your points, maximizing your rewards and unlocking exclusive giveaways.

Earning rewards is a breeze with MyDriveHero! On average, our active users earn enough points to redeem over 3 discounts and enter 5 giveaways PER WEEK. If you go premium, all your points are tripled, ensuring you’ll be showered with even more rewards and giveaways.

MyDriveHero offers discounts and giveaways for all aspects of your daily life! Browse through our in-app shop and enjoy exclusive discounts from major retailers like WOOLWORTHS MILKRUN, THE ICONIC, HELLO FRESH, HiSmile, Culture Kings, and many more. Your points also grant you entries into our weekly giveaways for essentials like fuel, groceries, cash, and more. Not to mention, you’ll even have a shot at winning brand-new cars and dream vacations in our grand giveaways! To date, we’ve seen over 12 million points redeemed – join the rewards revolution!

Speed and Distraction. Our app monitors your speed and phone usage during your trip. The speed score reflects how closely you adhere to the speed limit. Staying within the speed limit earns you a perfect 100(%) speed safety score, maximizing your points. Meanwhile, the distraction score keeps track of how often you interact with your device during the trip. If you refrain from device usage altogether, you’ll achieve a flawless 100(%) distraction score. Speeding and distractions are the two leading causes of road accidents in Australia. By using our app, you not only earn rewards for safe driving but also contribute to safer roads for everyone. Rest assured, all trip data from our members is securely and privately stored.

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing